"Gina is AWESOME! She takes time to evaluate your skin and doesn’t automatically recommend the most expensive procedures. She is honest in her suggestions and doesn’t try to push or up-sell you. She also isn’t like other places I have been that use the one-size-fits-all when it comes to treatments. My skin always looks great after her treatments." - B.K.


"I had been looking for someone like Gina for years. A few years ago I had my eye brows done by a permanent makeup artist who claimed to be a professional. Unfortunately, I didn't do my homework and went blindly with her. What I big mistake that was! She totally ruined them. Since then, I have been doing my best every morning to make them look decent with eye brow pencils and make up. Someone recommended Gina, and even though most people won't do corrections, she agreed to helped me. Gina managed to fix my brows and make them look beautiful and natural. I recommend Gina without hesitation. She is the best! I'm a very happy customer" - A.P.


"Gina is amazing. There is no one better when it comes to skin care. I trust Gina and I highly recommend Gina to anyone who wants amazing skin. She will take as much time as you need to explain everything and she makes you feel very comfortable. I appreciate all she does!" - L.


"Gina and her staff are great at what they do! They are pleasant, helpful, on time and take time to explain things so I understand. Love the place!!" - L.D.


"Been going to Gina’s for 10 years. They are the best!!! I always get comments how great my skin looks :). They are skincare pros" - L.A.


"I’ve been seeing Gina for more than 15 years, there is No one else I’d trust to take care of all of my beauty needs. She is “simply the best!" - C.H.


"Gina is knowledgeable and professional! Also, the ZO products she recommend were fabulous!" - M.R.


"Gina is the ultimate when it comes to skin care!!!!She cares about each client,she’s a true professional but most of all she keeps us all looking young!!" - H.A.


"Gina and her staff keeps me looking and feeling young. I look forward to each and every appointment and that been quite a few years now." - B.O.


"I am a huge fan of Gina’s artistry… both in permanent makeup and skincare. The brow strokes she does look better than real hair…and what a statement great brows and bright skin make on an aging face!" - J.D.R.


“Gina has been doing my skin care for several years and I get compliments on my skin every week! Trust your skin to her and you won’t be disappointed. She is a skin genius!!" - A.T.


"I had thought about laser hair removal for my back for a number of years, but was hesitant because I didn’t want to invest that kind of money and not get the results. I heard about Gina from a friend, and I decided to at least go in for my free consultation to see if laser hair removal would work for me. Gina assessed the situation and said I would be an excellent candidate because of my hair color and texture. During the consultation, she explained how the laser works, and the estimated number of treatments it would take – so there were no surprises. I decided to do it, and now I can happily say I have no more embarrassing back hair – as promised! I would highly recommend Gina to anyone who is considering laser hair removal. She is very professional, and will always tell you the straight scoop so you know exactly what to expect – instead of a lot of hype and no results. Thanks Gina!" - R.G.


“The Good Skin Fairy really can make dreams of beautiful skin come true! Her techniques always produce flawless results, and it’s so great to have a professional that you can trust with your most prized possession - one’s very own face. Gina always stays current with the latest techniques, and I feel confident when she recommends a product or service that it’s the right thing for me. I can’t say enough good things about this Good Fairy!” - T.M.L.


"I use to worship the sun in my younger years and had facial brown spots as a result from sun damage, after visiting with Gina she changed my appearance greatly by getting rid of the brown spots with only a couple of Microderms and following her detailed instructions on OBAGI products. I get compliments on my skin continuously. I would highly recommend Gina better known as “The good skin fairy” - T.M.


"What a blessing it is to have Gina in our lives. She maintains the beauty around her both inside and out. Her expertise goes far beyond great products and expertise, she's my fairy god mother!" - B.Y.


"Highly recommended, I contacted Gina to help rejuvenate my skin. I had terrible melasma from years of being in the sun and was needing treatment. In a short few weeks my skin was looking healthy and vibrant again! I was glowing! Gina has taken such great care of my skin as if it were here own. Her passion along with many years of expertise in the business makes her one of the best in the industry!" - A.S.


"I was recommended to Gina from another Esthetician. I needed extractions and the Estheticians at Aveda cannot perform them. Gina was not only able to do what my Dermatolgist asked, but she also recommended 2 accompanying Obagi skin care products that help me keep my adult acne under control. She is very knowledgable, well groomed and her place of business is very professional, clean and inviting. The location is great for getting in & out quietly, so I dont have to "walk around" downtown when I've had peels or extractions. After being in the beauty business 20 years myself, this is who I go to! I highly recommend her." - S.M.


"I have used Gina’s services previously (couple years ago) and her products (although I’ve been out of the Retinol for some time). Scheduling another appointment has been the hardest issue for me. I love it when the emails are sent, notifying of discount offers, but I haven’t been able to make it in during those times. I’m turning 47 next month and need to refocus on making corrections to my face." - K.B.


"Gina changed my life!! I started going to her over a year ago with acne, dark spots, uneven and dull skin. After her a couple of peels and following her prescribed at home treatment, I started to see results. Friends noticed and commented and I finally could leave the house wearing no makeup with confidence. Today, my skin is beautiful and I have regained my confidence. She's more than a skin fairy....she's a skin Goddess! " - L.L.


"Of course I was nervous to get permanent face make up but I was tired of having "partially there" eyebrows. So I did my homework asking around, and when I heard Gina's name twice I decided to book an appointment. I was so relieved at how meticulous I knew she would be just by our initial conversation and how closely she studied my face and my coloring. That was six years ago and I have gone to her for maintaining them (once or twice a year for just a fraction of the initial price) ever since. She gets the color and the symmetry and the fullness all just right. Eyebrows are so important in my opinion and I'd only trust mine to Gina, truly." - K.S.


"Gina has done a wonderful job on my face. Given me confidence and I feel and look years younger! I am so happy I found her and she has always tried to accommodate my crazy schedule!" - M.S.


"I've been a dedicated client of Gina's for several years. She's helped me reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles, and scars from previous bad habits. As long as she's around, I'll be going to Gina for all my skin care needs!" - D.T.


"Gina saved my skin three months before my wedding. I had a condition called melasma which caused large areas of discoloration. She worked her magic by a microdermabrasion and peel combination and I started obaji. My skin has never been better since under her care. In addition to being such a pleasure to simply be around and talk to, her skin care knowledge and the results she can achieve are second to none. I have sent many friends to see Gina for various skin issues and I always get the same wonderful enthusiasm about her that I feel. I will continue to see Gina for maintenance and send ANYONE who is seeking skin help." - K.B.


"I have been going to Gina for about 4 years now and she completely changed my skin and the way I approach caring for it. I was always trying new products and never really stuck to anything long enough to see a difference. I was skeptical about receiving routine treatments because I wasn't convinced it mattered. I was wrong! Gina put me on a personalized Obagi regimen and the results have been amazing. I continue to get regular treatments to maintain the results I've achieved through my skin care products. Even during my pregnancy when I couldn't use certain products, Gina was able to help me keep my skin looking flawless." - S.W.


"Gina you are amazing! Thanks to you,my good skin fairy, my skin has completely changed. I thought there was no hope and you reassured me time after time that you would change my skin and the results are impressive. I truly love coming to see you.I get world class service every visit and your knowledge about skin is flawless. Thank you for your professionalism, talent, kindness and love. Everyone I send you is completely happy and falls in love with you just as I have. Thank you for changing me from the outside in. " - R.G.


"I am a fashion model, and high-def television/photography magnifies any existing imperfections! Before any photoshoots, Gina is a Must! " - C.H.


"This is long overdue, but I just want to tell you how grateful I am for everything you’ve done for me. I am so pleased with my new look. What I love most is that it looks natural." - M.D.


"I am so touched by the lengths you go to provide an exceptional experience and to offer treatment that has been extremely beneficial to my skin. The difference is amazing! There is no way to truly express my gratitude. " - M.M.


"Over the past few months I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin through the Gina’s care and attention. I love my new look “and” Gina! Thank you, thank you, Gina!" - M.D.M.


"I had normal skin until about a year ago. All the sudden I had bad skin. People were looking at me differently. EVERYONE was telling me try this try that. I tried Proactiv and it wasnt working, so I began to overuse and it made my skin worse. Then I was a sad fairy :-(. But then I met Gina. Gina is awesome. A makeup artist and model recommended her at a photoshoot. She told me to come for a free consultation and made me feel confident about her methods. I took her advise. I have been on Obagi for 2 and half months or so, had one micoderm abrasion / peel and I feel SO much better. I look better. And Im going to keep working on it because Gina says I can get clear with her help! She kinda motivates me to do other things too. Thanks Gina!" - X.S.


"I have been seeing Gina for several years for a variety of services from micro-dermabrasion to permanent makeup, specifically eyebrows. Although, Gina is an expert at all the services she provides; I wouldn't go to anyone else for my brows. I have heard about and seen first hand sub-standard permanent makeup. Gina has a unique technique for making my brows look natural and full. She builds lash by lash for a completely natural finish. No need to pencil in brows each day. I am grateful to have found her and highly recommend her services." - N.S.



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