Gina Gathings-Giancola,
Master Clinical Aesthetician
Laser Practitioner
Micropigmentation Artist
Licensed Facility

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ABOUT GINA'S The Art & Science of Skincare ®

Gina became an aesthetician at the age of 19, and was quickly recognized for her deft talent in traditional aesthetician services. From traditional makeup to facials, she learned the trade quickly, and was perfectly positioned to change with the profession as new types of anti-aging technologies (such as combined microdermabrasion/peels and laser treatments) began to change the standard of care in beauty treatments.

Now, with over 25 years of experience as a clinical aesthetician, she provides a full range of services to her clients at my aesthetic clinic. She is a trained laser specialist, and an expert in the artful application of permanent make-up. Called the "good skin fairy" by her satisfied clients, she takes great pride in meeting the needs of diverse skin types, solving problems that make other aestheticians throw up their hands. She lists numerous international models among her clients and invites you to join them in getting the best clinical aesthetic care available.

One of her passions is speaking to groups to teach them how their skin is working and changing. Also to help doctors and aestheticians start their practices from the ground floor.

Microdermabrasion and Peel Treatments

One of Gina's special procedures is her own unique combination of chemical peels and microdermabrasion that she developed in 1994. Though either treatment works well separately, together they can enhance one another to give even better results. She custom-mixes a special chemical peel for each client, then use the microdermabrasion treatment to prep the skin, allowing the chemicals maximum penetration to jump-start the exfoliating process. She does a patch test 24 hours prior to your treatment to gauge the sensitivity of your skin. This knowledge along with your goals will help her determine the strength of the peel she selects for you. Her style of chemical peel and microdermabrasion treatment is unique to her and available only at Gina's Art & Science of Skincare™.


Consultation with Gina

Gina offers a complimentary half-hour consultation. You will be given a form that can help her understand some of the lifestyle factors that may influence your skin, such as how much time you spend in the sun and what kinds of products you're currently using. Then she will evaluate your skin and give you recommendations about how to meet your goals.

She is very results-oriented and will not only give you long-term treatments, but also treatment options that can give you immediate results so that you can look your best for any upcoming special occasion.

If you would like to learn more about Gina Gathings-Giancola and the skin care treatments she provides, please call her at 727-914-8888 today. She serves patients locally and internationally.


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